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There are many pathways to success in life—but at the very foundation is passion and love for life and how you spend your time living it. Attend our meetup and learn powerful strategies and paths for creating a life of abundant happiness, health, love and wealth. 

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Watch our event video then check our event calendar, as we have several events every month! All participants will also receive a FREE copy of the e-book “Getting Stronger Each Day” by inspirational author Lisa McKnight.

About The Do What You Love Meetup

This 90-minute meetup is for a small (8-12 participants), informal group of people who feel like they are stuck in a rut called life and want to make changes to create a new and exciting future. Activities and benefits include:

  • Defining a mission / purpose for your life.
  • Strategies and specifics for making gradual changes.
  • Ways to create more freedom and flexibility in your life.
  • Ways to create work that is meaningful and rewarding.
  • Pathways to more happiness, health, love and wealth.

Creating Well-th —The Social Entrepreneur

One of the keys to loving what you do, is to do work that makes a difference and work that you are passionate bout. Work that offers a powerful work/life balance. Work that pays well and offers lots of potential for growth. Work that is well—not work! Do you love what you do now? If not, you can make gradual changes to get where you want to be!

Featured Presenter: Meet Troy McKnight

Troy McKnight is a motivator and self-made entrepreneur who has been teaching people for the last 16 years how they can build a massively successful business starting part-time and right from their own home. Troy is a skillful facilitator in helping others to discover their greatness and turning their passion into value and a living a life of abundance. His motto is “Be great—nothing else pays!” You can follow Troy on Twitter @tmcknight

Troy McKnight

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